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Parenting Through Cancer

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Parenting Through Cancer | Pink Hope | June 2023

“My medical appointments focused on my cancer.  It seems obvious they should, but I wanted more.  I was still a mum, I was still parenting.  Just now I was doing this with cancer”. 

Written by Rhea Felton, Published by Pink Hope


Some snippets from the article: 

“The years I dedicated myself to learn how to be a mother were stripped out from under my feet.  In a matter of a two-minute conversation, I was now a mother who was parenting through a serious life-threatening illness.  It didn’t seem fair.  The thought of co-navigating being a mum and my cancer treatment was terrifying.  I was still trying to work out mum-life, how on earth was I now going to juggle this with surviving cancer?”

 “After my diagnosis, I was eagerly seeking practical and simple child-focused resources that could help me have difficult conversations about my illness with my children.  I was trying to translate medical-talk into child-talk and it was overwhelming.  I kept thinking… wouldn’t it be helpful if there was something simple and practical I could use during discussions about my cancer with my children.  This idea created Story Society.  Story Society hopes to bring children’s experiences of having a loved one diagnosed with cancer to the forefront of family conversation, through simple, child focused, creative and play-based practical resources”. 

You can read the full article HERE


Featured article published by Pink Hope

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